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An authorized sales and repair business organization, Durga Motors in Delhi has been within the business ever since the year 1995. It is famous for its Used Cars in Preet Vihar Delhi and Second Hand Car Dealer New Delhi. In a brief period, the place created a reputation for itself yet has multiplied its patrons base staggeringly. Its mission is to offer quality solutions with a passion for boosting the standard of life.

Some of the best thing that Durga Motors offer is that increases your car’s productivity and life; firm specializes in producing excellence ensures that our facilities do each step within the producing method; works to attain the vision and mission of the organization; centers specialize in the design and feel of our vehicles, whereas finance in safety, and potency and fuel economy. Since its origin, the saleroom for Used Cars in Preet Vihar, Delhi, and Second Hand Car Dealer New Delhi has forever ensured that it maintains a high commonplace once it involves service to its guests.

Understanding that choices are galore, this salesroom for Used Cars in Preet Vihar, Delhi, and Second Hand Car Dealer New Delhi makes the researching, shopping for, and marketing yet as post-sales engagements straightforward and uncomplicated. It is located at G-15/16, Vardhaman Tower in Preet Vihar.

As a part of Tata Motors, Durga Motor provides world styling, increased driving comfort, and fuel potency. Making the vary an imperative plus for significant captive users, miners, or transporters. To attain this target, they have established top-of-the-line producing, R&D, and style facilities in Delhi.

Services Offered by Durga Motors

Manufacturing- World-class production forms the essence of Durga Motors. Their facilities make sure that each step – from style to production to assembly – follows the best quality standards within the producing method.

Design- They offer temperament to a vehicle. Their experience in manufacturing non-public and business vehicles for over seven decades has helped Delhi develop a deep understanding of client wants. This has been translated as their impact-style language.

Engineering- Durga Motors is driven by a passion for excellence that is mirrored across all our operations. To supply the most effective vehicle expertise to our customers, our passionate engineering and quality talent ensure superior vehicles with a light-emitting diode to the ascension in world demand for our product.

Their services also include annual maintenance contracts, promised safeguards for your car, roadside assistants, pick-up and drop facilities, 3M treatments, gold club memberships, body shop, wheel alignment and wheel optimization, quick repairing facility, cashless insurance renewal, and cashless insurance repairs. The value care P2P service offers you maintenance arrangements that guarantee within the producing method. They provide protection against premature wear & tear repairs to supply substantial savings through protection against inflation & worth volatility throughout the vehicle’s running. The repairs and replacement of wear and tear & Tear things for Parts & Labour include- clutch, suspension bushes, engine mountings, brake pads, brake linings, brake disc, hoses, ball joints, wiper, wheel cylinder. Auxiliary belt, i.e., alternator and AC belt, and window winder.

Customers' Feedback
Aniket Kashyap

Durga Motors-thanks each for an excellent deal on a salesroom excellent second-hand car. It was absolutely unflawed, even as described. The easy process made things work out smoothly.

Nirman Vihar New Delhi
Anshul Sahu

My next purchase will also positively be from Durga Motors. The team was very knowledgeable, the second-hand car was in fantastic condition, the worth was proper, and most significantly, I trust them! I even have suggested Durga Motors to everybody I know.

Preet Vihar New Delhi

It was a pleasure coping with buying a second-hand car from Durga Motors. very skilled, honest, precise about the car mentioned within the condition secure. I will be able to buy one more from them.

Sarojini Nagar New Delhi

I loved the second-hand car that I purchased from Durga Motors. I got it at an excellent price. Would definitely check out Durga Motors for my next purchase.

Ashok Vihar New Delhi

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