Maruti Suzuki

With the motto of “Experience is what it creates”, Maruti Suzuki has been the leading Indian automakers in the industry. Their first iconic launch of Maruti 800 in 1983 still stands to be one of the most loved, popular and running cars on Indian roads for the longest to date. The company has been making a revolution in the car industry ever since. But adhering to the changing pace in the customer’s demands, Maruti Suzuki has gone beyond the conventional boundaries of car making. They have infused their fueled creativity and art of class technology in creating new experiences.

The company was the brainchild of Maruti Udyog Limited by Sanjay Gandhi with some stakes for the Indian government. Maruti Suzuki has introduced the customers to the world of Nexa experience. They have an extensive range of dealerships for the people who want to differentiate between the high class and the affordable range of cars.

Maruti Suzuki has focused its main sales pitch on its small car segment. Previously, Maruti 800 took over the market by the storm and now the Alto 800 is making rounds. The company focuses on launching all kinds of cars starting from premium hatchbacks, sedan, LUV, compact SUVs and more.

Because of its wide dealership network, Maruti has more exposure to car buyers and higher manufacture quantity. Adhering to their network, they can easily reduce the cost of manufacturing and pass it accordingly to the buyer as well. Apart from their goodwill, Maruti focuses its attention on fuel efficiency, power, drivability, and affordability. The company has found its way to the list of the largest selling cars in the world. Their recent launches of Alto 800 and K10 are performing well in the Indian market. The company continues to identify the need and preferences of the customers and delivering the same to them.