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Maruti Suzuki India has planned to hike the costs of its cars again. From September 2021, you will find an increase in price in the Maruti cars. The manufacturing business has confirmed that it will implement one more value hike, the third increase from January. From Alto to Vitara Brezza, the value rise has been planned across all models Maruti presently offers within the market.


The Reason

Maruti Suzuki Cars India came out with a press release that said that the value of the company’s vehicles continues to be adversely compact over the past year because of an increase in input prices. Hence, it has become compulsory to give away some extra value to the purchasers through a deal rise.

Maruti Suzuki shares were up 2.13 % at Rs 6,746.60 on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), with a maximum of 2.56 percent last month. The S&P Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Sensex index was up 0.98 per cent.

The new costs are reaching to be effective from September, simply before the coming festival season. However, Maruti has not given clarity on however massive the hikes would be. Earlier, Maruti had increased the costs of its cars twice. 

In January, Maruti increased the costs of its vehicles by up to Rs.34,000 on some automobile models, citing an increase in input prices. In April, once it set to implement the second hike, the costs of its cars went up by around 1.6 per cent.

Increase of Prices by Other Car Industries

Maruti Suzuki Cars is not the only Indian manufacturing business to increase the costs of its cars because of the rising input prices. The Indian automobile trade is dealing with weaker demand and better prices since the coronavirus pandemic struck in March. Since then, over the previous couple of months, auto companies have seen the need come back but have warned of the price increase. 

For the third time in a row, Mahindra and Mahindra increased the costs of all its models in July. Within the last hike, the value of Mahindra Thar received the best updates as few variants became valuable by close to Rs. 1 Lakh. Before July, Mahindra revised the costs of its vehicles twice in January.

Tata Motors also increased the costs of its cars in August. The rise by 0.8 per cent was enforced across all models. Tata Motors had increased the prices of its vehicles that made them costlier by up to Rs. 36,000 for almost all models in May 2021

In the July-August amount, Tata Motors, Honda Cars, Mahindra & Mahindra, Renault, and Toyota increased their valuation. This was due to the increase in prices of raw materials, like steel and precious metals.

In September, Maruti stated that the output at their Gujarat manufacturing plant would be hampered because of the fewer raw materials. Maruti Suzuki shares were among the highest gainers within the motorcar pack in morning deals. 

The S&P Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) motorcar index tracks shares of fifteen significant players within the vehicle sector listed 1.39 % higher. Analysts expected the company’s monthly sales report due in the week.


Earlier Car Price Increase

Earlier, Maruti Suzuki Cars India had declared that it would be increasing costs for the Swift hatchback and its entire CNG model line-up by up to Rs. 15,000. In a BSE filing, the manufacturing business mentioned that the new costs started on July 12, 2021. 

The corporation also planned to extend the value of alternative fuel models in its line-up, and an announcement relating to that is expected to be free presently.

Maruti Suzuki India had declared its plan to increase the costs of its vehicles within the second quarter of FY2022 in June 2021. Back then, the corporation had not disclosed the price increase. However, it did mention that the impact of the rise in input value had to be passed on to the purchasers. This is the third value hike from the Indo-Japanese manufacturing business this year.

Earlier in January 2021, the company had raised costs for choosing models by up to Rs. 34,000, and all over again in April 2021. On each occasion, the manufacturing business had cited an increase in input prices as the reason for the value hike.

Right now, particularly the Celerio, Wagon R, S-Presso, Maruti Suzuki Alto, Eeco, and Ertiga are offered in CNG choices. In contrast, the Dzire, Vitara Brezza and Swift are the only petrol-only models.


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